Disbursement Documentation Requirements

Expense Item

Documentation Requirements

Airfare Original receipt or paid itinerary confirmation. First class NOT allowed.
Alcohol The UAF will pay for alcohol if served at an establishment that serves alcohol as a normal course of business, or if a pre-approved bartending service is used. A guest list must be attached. (See the UAF liquor policy.)
Awards (Plaques, Trophies) Cash awards are taxable to the recipient and will require a W-9 form to be completed by the recipient and submitted with the request regardless of amount. If the award is in the form of a plaque or trophy and the item is under $200, only the name of recipient and UA purpose of award is required. If item is over $200, and not personally inscribed, you must also include a completed W-9 form. If award is taxable and to a UA employee, the Provost (or other personnel as designated by the Provost) or Sr. VP AHSC (or other personnel as designated by the Sr. VP AHSC) must approve the request before being submitted to the Foundation. Units with employee recognition programs must have a documented process in place and on file.
Catering The UA catering policy must be followed including the use of a UA approved caterer. A guest list is required. If caterer is not an incorporated business, but a sole proprietor, a completed UAF Independent Contractor Agreement form must be completed and submitted with request. If the caterer is an LLC, then a W-9 form will be required.
Charitable Organization (Including Sponsorships, Conferences, Events, Etc.) A Charitable Organization Payment Request is required when making payment to another non-profit organization. It is also required if any portion of a payment is considered a tax-deductible donation. A clear UA purpose for attendance must be provided as well as guest list, if applicable. Payments must be made directly from the UAF to the Charitable Organization. Reimbursement for payments made by individuals to a Charitable Organization, where the registration fee contains a tax deductible charitable gift amount, are not allowed.
Conferences A conference pamphlet, brochure or other conference documentation is required when requesting reimbursement or payment for expenses related to a conference.
Contracts All contracts being fulfilled with UAF funds must be approved and signed by the UAF’s Office of Fiduciary Compliance and Gift Transactions. Please email contracts to: fiduciarycompliance@uafoundation.org.
Equipment, Supplies or Renovations Original receipt or invoice must be submitted. A Gift Disbursement Request for Renovation Expense and Equipment or Supplies over $1,000 (a link to the form is included on the Gift Disbursement Request) must accompany request for purchase of equipment, books, furniture, supplies, etc., if total value is $1,000 or more. Also, any renovation expense, regardless of amount, must include the report.
Foreign Receipts Please provide a conversion page (www.oanda.com) for each receipt. Receipt should be attached to the conversion page with UA business purpose noted.
Gifts Original receipt for reimbursement or invoice if paying vendor. Name of recipient and UA purpose of gift if under $200. If gift value is over $200 a W-9 form must be completed by the recipient and submitted with the request. The Provost (or other personnel as designated by the Provost) or Sr. VP UAHS (or other personnel as designated by the Sr. VP UAHS) must approve the request if gift is to a UA employee.
Gift Cards Purchase of or reimbursement for gift cards regardless of amount are considered by the IRS as a taxable gift and therefore it is required for the recipient(s) to provide a W-9 form. This form must be provided by all recipients before reimbursement can be made.
Honorarium / Services An honorarium is a token payment made in recognition or appreciation of acts or professional services provided where the fee is not determined by the person being paid. The individual paid does not bargain, set the cost, nor invoice for the cost of the fee for his/her special services. The request should clearly state the payment is an honorarium and must acknowledge that the payment is not for services. A W-9 form is required for all honorariums. Payments to University employees directly related to University operations such as honoraria related to research, scholarly, teaching, and outreach activities must be processed through the University Payroll system.
Hotel Original itemized paid receipt is required. Reimbursement for personal expenses such as a movie, newspaper or spousal expenses is not allowed.
Meals Original itemized paid receipt is required. Attach guest list and provide UA purpose of entertainment. Business entertainment where the purpose is to further relationships to the University or business meetings where the purpose is to discuss business relating to the University are both reimbursable. UA/UAF employee’s meals are reimbursable only if on travel status with an overnight stay. The UAF does not pay Per Diem.
Mileage Attach odometer readings or Map Quest trip. Attach mileage calculation spreadsheet or adding machine tape that matches the requested amount. See current mileage rate posted in the News.
Miscellaneous Includes any cash payment for which no receipt can be obtained. These include tips, tolls, metered parking, bell hops, hotel maid/valet, etc., and must be recorded on the request for reimbursement as such.
Non-Resident Aliens The Foundation cannot make payments to or for the benefit of Non-resident Aliens for any purpose. Any funding for payments to Non-resident Aliens must be transferred using the Gift Disbursement to the University of Arizona form and made through the University.
Printing Please provide copy of printed material. If using a vendor that is not an incorporated business, the Foundation Independent Contractor Agreement form must be completed. If printed material is for a fund raising event in which donors are making a payment which includes a tax deductible portion, the IRS 90-12 disclosure (a statement informing donors/payers how much of their payment qualifies as a tax deductible donation) must appear on all event or solicitation materials. These printed materials should be submitted to the UAF Financial Services department for review before printing. Please email to: Denise.Diehl@uafoundation.org
Rental Car Attach original itemized paid receipt.
Rental Car Gasoline Attach original itemized paid receipt.
Scholarships Provide the student name(s), Student Identification number(s) (SID), scholarship amount(s) and term(s). Requests must be submitted using the Gift Disbursement for Scholarship to the University of Arizona.
Services A payment for services is a fee for service in which the amount to be paid for a specific service is determined by the person doing the work. The person being paid must provide an invoice as documentation for payment of the fee and the request should clearly state under purpose that this is a payment for services. An Independent Contractor Agreement is required for services. Independent Contractor Agreements are valid on a calendar year basis and must be signed in each year in which payment will be made to the vendor. Agreements must be submitted before or with the request for payment. UA employees cannot be paid by the UAF for services. Any funding for payments to UA Employees must be transferred using the Gift Disbursement to the University of Arizona form and made through the University.
Taxi Attach original paid receipt.
NOTE: If only a portion of a receipt is being claimed, please use the reconciling spreadsheet or run a tape for that receipt to reconcile to the amount requested.